[Win Tool] Boot Multiple ISO from USB (MultiBoot USB)

Posted: February 28, 2011 by Hacking & Relax in Tutorial

How to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive that you can use to Boot Multiple ISO Files from USB. Please note that you might need a 8GB-16GB or larger USB flash device to be able to support every bootable ISO entry. I will update and add more Bootable ISO files to the list as I find the time to test them. You can also contact me to submit working Bootable Linux ISO menu.lst entries for inclusion.


MultiBoot USB Menu (Simply select an ISO to boot from USB)

MultiBootISOs USB Creator

MultiBootISOs- – February 18, 2011 – Changelog
Display warning notification only during first run of tool on a given drive.

Download MultiBootISOs-

How to Boot Multiple ISO Files from USB

  1. Run* MultiBootISOs- following the onscreen instructions
  2. Run the tool again to Add More ISOs/Distributions to your Drive
  3. Restart your PC setting it to boot from the USB device
  4. Select the ISO you want to Boot from the Menu and enjoy!

That’s all there is to it. You should now be booting your favorite ISO files from your Multi-Boot USB device!

How It Works: MultiBootISOs enables each user to create their own custom Multiboot UFD containing only the Distributions they want. New Distributions can be added to your UFD each time the tool is run.

Store your downloads in the ISOFILES Directory created where the tool is run. Supported downloads stored there are auto-detected by the tool.


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